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All of our packaging products are recyclable  and zero waste!


We always do our best to support our community, and donate to organizations.


Customer Service is available M-F 8am-5pm MST

Shipping will be out 1-3 days of ordering.

We are so excited to see and meet you! Here at Dream K we want to make sure you are covered in Kpop Gear without hurting your wallet!

We also welcome you to the beginning of your dream KPOP world. Bringing all of the best quality Kpop goods, our promise to you is to bring you your dream collection. 

Everything is packaged, shipped, and sent with lots of love. 

All of our material is eco friendly, and recyclable. 

Help us save the world and help a panda. 

Also as a note, currently, we are adding new items everyday, if you do not see it, please check again the following day.

10% of our monthly profit will be donated to 2 amazing charities!  

- Welcome to Dream K- 

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