Chibi U stands for Little U. 

As in stands for you,  the ultimate Kpop fan who enjoys eating Hello Panda cookies and sipping on Banana Boba Milk. Yes, Chibi U is 99% Panda. 1% of the unknown... Who loves to play dress up and listen to Kpop all the time. Also enjoys meeting new people and making friends. 

Chibi U is adopted, but don't tell Chibi U. 

Chibi U's Birthday is: January 28th, 2018


  • BTS: J-Hope 

  • GOT7: Mark 

  • Stray Kids: I.N 

  • Seventeen: Woozi

  • SHINee: Jonghyun 

  • NCT : Ten 

  • EXO: D.O 

  • Twice: Sana 

  • Red Velvet: Yeri 

  • Mamamoo: Wheein

  • Blackpink: Rose

  • Loona: Olivia Hye

  • Itzy: Ryujin 

  • Kard: BM 

  • Super Junior: Heechul 

  • F(x) : Krystal 

  • TXT:  Taehyun

  • Girls Generation: Sunny 

  • B.A.P : Youngjae

  • Monsta X : Joohoney 

  • Ateez: Mingi & San 

  • Day 6: Dowoon 

  • Astro: Moonbin

  • Enhypen:  Sunoo

  • The Boyz: Younghoon & Eric 

Chibi U's Bias List

   Let us know if you and Chibi U share biases!   

The Chibi Universe Policy 

The Staff and Owners of Dream K, vow to follow The Chibi Universe Policy. 

Where Dream K will be a safe space for it's guests/ clients who choose to be apart of The Chibi Universe. 

We promise to be as kind to others, treat others fairly, and love all those who join us on our journey to be Dream K. Regardless of economic status, race, religion, sexuality or ethnicity. 

If you can love, we welcome you to our Chibi Universe. 

Chibi U is a Panda, and needs help to care for fellow pandas in Asia.

Chibi U does ask that we do our part and help save the other pandas. 

How can you help? 

- Recycle the packaging from your purchase. 

- Donating to our panda preservation fund. 

- Switch from plastic to reusable products.