Please contact us: Info@letsdreamkpop.com if you have any questions not listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find my "ITEM"?

That is Day's special talent, she hunts for what she wants. If that means searching for the item until she can't sleep, she'll do it for you.

Can I custom order anything?

YES! You have so many options to chose from: Buttons, shirts, grab bags, and so much more!

What were you guys thinking when you opened this store?

We love kpop, we know how hard it is to get stuff that doesn't hurt your wallet. Usually we'll buy stuff from Ebay or Amazon. But to us it felt like regular stuff... WE did not want that, the artists work hard to make this happen, we want our love and care to reach your hands like the artists entended to.

How do I return my items?

Let us know as quick as possible, we have a 30 day period for refunds. 30 days for full refund, after 30 days, you have 90 days to get 50% payment back. If your item is defective we require more information before refunds are processed.

Can I combine my order?

Yes, please contact us with your order numbers, name, and date of order. We will combine the orders for you.

I haven't received my order, where is it?

All of our products are shipped with tracking, we will do our best to track the item until delivery. If it does get lost by the mail carrier, please contact your mail carrier prior to communicating with us. Please contact us with questions and to assist with investigating. DO NOT FILE A CLAIM IF YOU HAVE NOT COMMUNICATED WITH YOUR MAIL CARRIER AND DREAM K.

Why are there random cookies in my package?

Those cookies are Meiji's Hello Panda Cookies, part of the reason of why we include Hello Panda Cookies in our orders is part of our story. When we created Chibi U, we enjoyed snacking on them. We figured the cookies would be a personal touch for our shipping products. We change our cookies frequently, if you have a special preference, feel free to request your favorites!!